Below are some free resources you can use.  Please contact us and let us know if any of the links are broken.

Weights, Measures, and Conversions

Links, resources and help with weights and measures, including converting from one system of measurement to another and converting units within a system of measurement.

Basic Arithmetic and Algebra

Links to resourses to improve arithmetic and algebraic skills.

Intermediate Algebra

The Real Number System Resources

Factoring Polynomials Resources

Quadratic Formula Resources

The Cartesian Coordinate System and Graphing


Advanced Algebra

Links to resources for advanced algebra topics, typically those that are relevant to success in biology, chemistry, economics, finance, calculus and disciplinary statistics courses.

Logarithm Resources

Fractional and Negative Exponent Resources

Preparing for Business Calculus (MATH 070)


Links to resources related to trigonometric functions, graphs and applications, including the defintions of trigonometric functions on right triangles and on unit circles.

Trigonometry and Unit Circle Resources

Trigonometry and Right Triangle Resources

Resources on the Graphing of Trigonometric Functions

Applications of Trigonometry Resources

Preparing for Calculus (MATH 100)

Elementary Geometry

Links to resources related to basic Euclidean geometry, which is important to pre-calculus, calculus, physics and chemistry courses, among others.

Plane Geometry Resources

Solid Geometry Resources

Finance, Personal Finance, and Financial Calculators

Links to online resources related to personal finance, including mortgage calculators and credit report information.

Elementary Probability and Statistics

Links to resources related to topics studied in courses involving introductory probability or introductory statistics.

Basic Statistics Resources

Sets, Counting, and Venn Diagrams

Graphs in Probability and Statistics

Z-Scores and the Normal Distributions (The "Bell" Curve)


Links to external resources, vendor resources, and instructor-produced documents relating to the use of Texas Instruments calculators, MS Excel, R, SPSS, Stata, Maple 16, and other quantitatively oriented technology used by students at Salem College.
TI® Graphing Calculators

MS® Excel®

     MS Excel 2010:

SPSS® Tutorials

R® Resources

Study Skills and Tips for Quantitative Courses

Links to a variety of helpful studying resources for different learning styles.

Resources for Standardized Examinations

Links to a variety of standardized examinations required for graduate or professional school or for professional credentialling. 

NC Teacher Licensure Testing

Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators

Pearson General Curriculum Test

GRE General Test






​Mathematics Preparation Expected for Graduate Programs