Our Mission

At QUEST, we don't produce answers; we produce better problem solvers!

QUEST Staff photoQuantitative, scientific and technological skills are an integral part of the Salem Signature Program, but are also essential skills for success in the 21st Century. According to the 2010 Jobs Rated Almanac, seven of the ten best jobs involve extensive skills in these areas, as do 16 of the best 20 jobs rated by the annual publication. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, seventeen of the twenty occupations with the fastest projected growth in number of new jobs, through the year 2018, are deeply grounded in science, technology and quantitative skills. In fact, half of those twenty are in health-related fields.

No matter what your intended major at Salem is, the QUEST Program is here for you to help you boost those necessary skills and assist in preparing you for the future.